Mobile and Web Software Development

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We build successful web and mobile apps from idea to product


Bringing light into backend using clean code techniques, microservices and cloud based systems.


Using the latest technologies we built web apps. Quality and and reliability is our top priority


Awesome built with mobile apps native or hybrid technologies to build a fluid mobile experience


We provide solutions for manual and automation testing: Web, Mobile and Backend

Mobile and Web Apps Start-to-End

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Our Technology Stack

we expand our tech stack with every new project

  • - Node.js, Java, Python
  • - Scalable Architecture
  • - Microservices
  • - AWS, Heroku, Azure & DevOps
  • - Typescript & Clean Code
Web Development
  • - Angular, React, Vue.js
  • - SEO optimization
  • - Server Side Rendering
  • - Mobile First, Responsive
  • - Progressive Web Apps
Mobile Development
  • - React Native
  • - Ionic Cordova PWA/Hybrid
  • - App store & Play Store
  • - Native UI and UX
  • - Clean Architecture
QA Automation
  • - Selenium WebDriver, Appium
  • - Mobile & Web Testing
  • - API Backend Testing
  • - Karma, Mocha, Chai, Protractor
  • - Unit Testing

Our mission is to get your project up and running!

With over 5 years experience in the software development field, we strive to reach the highest quality levels of services.

Working us is like working with your own team. We value quality and communication above all. Having this mindset allows us to develop projects from start end, taking every story under the magnifying glass to find all the details.

about salspot software
about salspot software

Get to know us!

We are an Agile company and we enjoy working with Scrum. We work in multiple iterations to get the product ready step by step. Our experience is built by developing web and mobile apps, cloud based architectures, and distributed systems. We have experience developing projects with both technical and non-technical clients, so don't be afraid to approach us with your idea, we can make it happen!

Why choose Salspot? Because we offer proven trust and quality and because of our track record. Building complex web and mobile applications using microservices hosted in the cloud is our de facto. We offer consultancy on the project's technical architecture, marketing strategies, SEO & visibility.

How we work

These are our steps for helping you launch a new product. We take care of the technical part, you do the rest!


Define requirements

List the set of wanted functionality as specifications or user stories.


Plan the Wireframe

Put together a graphic scheme showing app screens, content, and navigation.


UI/UX Design

Add style and color to the wireframe. Apply branding, and design to obtain an all-round perfect user experience.



Write the code that will create the desired behaviors and UI as described in the requirements.



Search, find and identify a list of issues to be fixed. Suggest improvements to constantly improve the user experience.



Publish the app to the World Wide Web, App Store or Google Play so that it becomes widely available to its audience.

Projects we worked on

salspot software developer projects

Gnome by Groupon

QA Manual/Automation

salspot software project

Time to Eat

NodeJS, Ionic and Angular

salspot software

Food Waste Combat

Netlify CMS/ JAM Stack

salspot software

Facultati Info

Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB

salspot software


Ionic, NodeJS, MongoDB

salspot software

Mail Notifier

NodeJS, MongoDB


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